Psychologist in Stockholm

Clinical psychologist offers psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapies in Stockholm and online in Swedish, English, and Spanish.

After having graduated as a psychologist at the University of Gothenburg, I have worked as a psychotherapist for nearly a decade in private practice in Gothenburg, Paris and Stockholm, and at psychiatric outpatient clinics at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg. My clinical experience has provided me with in-depth insights into the varied conditions and vicissitudes of life, enabling me to develop a sensibility towards the particularities and nuances of the history, situation, and suffering of the individual.

In parallell with my clinical practice, I have dedicated myself to writing about psychoanalysis, philosophy, and the humanities. I have published books and articles in English, Swedish, and Spanish. In my book Speculating on the Edge of Psychoanalysis: Rings and Voids (Routledge, 2023), I dwell upon existential, philosophical, aesthetic, and theological topics such as solitude and death, mourning and melancholia, creation and poetry, truth and being, and link them to psychoanalytic theory and practice. I have edited the anthology Freud och dödsdriften (TankeKraft, 2021), which revolves around the question of how the subject relates to death and to his own inherent destructiveness.

For booking and contact you may reach me at

My practice is located at Götgatan 15, Stockholm.

Online sessions via Zoom or telephone.

Certified as a psychologist by Socialstyrelsen in Sweden and ADELI in France.

M.A. in psychology at the University of Gothenburg.

B.A. in physics at Chalmers University of Technology.